Adios and God Speed

The Obama address aside, at least when they were together both President Obama and President Bush seemed to like each other very much. They are, after all, both members of a very exclusive club.

Here is a portion of the speech given this evening by now former President Geroge Bush on his return to Texas. It is worth the watch as he outlines his administration’s major accomplishments. God Bless you Mr Bush.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    One of those celebrity shows played video that clearly showed the liberal crowd classlessly booing Mr. Bush when he was introduced at the inauguration.

    The litter on the ground was trivial compared to the litter in a liberal's alleged mind.

  2. Don
    Don says:

    Thank you George W. Bush!

    It does not matter if I voted for you nor even if I like you, you were my "Commander-in-Chief. I believe you tried to do your best every day and that is all I will ever ask.

    I am so greatful that you suceeded your predecessor and prevailed over your political opponents. There is no telling how bad things would have been under their control!

  3. Dusty the Cat
    Dusty the Cat says:

    Thank You, Mr. President!

    Thank you for keeping this great nation of ours safe for the last 7 years. 

  4. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Well, I feel compelled to write a comment here, even though the time is past.  Before Bush was elected the first time, I had never voted in a Presidential election and had no intention of voting then (for spiritual, not political, reasons).  On election day, I was taking my dog to the dog park and went by my local town hall.  I literally heard God speak to me and He said to go in an vote for George Bush.  Good Christian that I am, and not being a huge fan of the Bushes,  I ignored that sweet, small voice, explained it away (glass of wine the night before??? a uniquely vocal form of tinnitus???) and had a great couple of hours hiking and watching my dog play with other pups.  But that voice kept insisting and on the way back I went in and voted (I wasn't even registered so could only vote for the President). 

    This was a little puzzling because at the beginning the Bush Presidency was nothing much to brag about – except for appointing African Americans into positions they really deserved to be in (unlike President Clinton who seemed to be more interested in tokenism).  But, after 9/11, I completely understood the symbolism of voting for him.

    Thank you President Bush for being so focused on keeping us safe.  Thank you for not being swayed by public opinion polls, the media and other detractors.  Like many on the East Coast, I was stunned by the awfulness of those willing to die for the passion of the indiscriminate hatred they have for those of us who live in the west.  President Bush realized that there is no reasoning with people like that.  There is no real negotiation, there is no possibility of reconciliation.  It's us or them.  He sacrificed his own reputation on the altar of our protection.  Yes, he made mistakes in other areas, no, I don't agree with all his policy decisions.  But, those weaknesses pale in comparison to his single-minded determination to protect this country.  He said it from the beginning and kept his word.  God bless him.

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