Adding illegals to the Democrat’s health care plans

Well at least they’re honest about it. More importantly, had the American people not spoken up … this is where they most assuredly would go. At this point I think its just politicking, since I am not sure this has any chance of getting through … but then again. They are pretty waskally wabbits” when left to their own devices.

“Legal permanent residents should be able to purchase their plans, and they should also be eligible for subsidies if they need it. Undocumented, if they can afford it, should be able to buy their own private plans. It keeps them out of the emergency room,” said Rep. Michael M. Honda, California Democrat and chairman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.

Oh and now might be the time to visit this from the Obama joint session speech.


Make you mistake … as my poor Dad always said, when you shake a politicians hand … check to make sure you still have your watch.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Jim,  your Dad was right, but nowadays, if you shake a politician's hand, you count your fingers…


    The slippery slope is paved with good intentions, but you still end up in Hell anyway.

  2. Amelia
    Amelia says:

    This morning Jim asked why should we pay health care for the illegals??  This is what I wanted to say; I told a friend that i want a health care reform but do not want Government  option and also do not want to pay for the illegals. He was upset and told me to go consult with my Buddha of Compassion!!! So for those who refuse to pay for the illegals medical, they have lack compassion. What is your answer to that Jim?  Too bad I do not call him my friend anymore.


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