A level of sophistication we have not seen …

Chris Matthews, et al, have been fawning over the level of sophistication the young president shows, as opposed to that oaf “W”. Well here’s an Obamism, straight from the Ivy league, from both Obama and the foreign media.

All in all, not a big deal. The guy’s tired. But where’s all the awareness and sophistication? I just have to ask. What if Bush had called on a member of the foreign press corps in this fashion? Foreigner? Hey, you “foreigners” out there. Put your hands down.

I love the “pick me, pick me” from the media as he is about to select his “foreigner”. Reminded me of grade school when the teacher was about to hand out the last gold star. And follow it through and see for yourself how a biased fawning media is not the exclusive property of America … it’s just, in this case, the fawning is over her own leader. Oh brother.


Oh, and here’s some fawning over “his smartness”.


Perhaps the Democrat Times isn’t enough. For added fawning, see the thrill post. Again, imagine if the ole ferener were a Republican.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Aside from the fact that today's press conference by Obambi was another selection of preselected, prescreened reporters ("Uh, I got a list of people to call…."), the fawning by the press is both contrived and well, quite a stretch.  The glaring etiquette breaches alone make them seem like yahoos from Chicago's south side, and comparisons of MO's faux pas with what would happen if Palin did the same thing are demonstrative lessons in the liberal bias of the press.

    Really, just imagine the disparaging cuts to Mr. Blackwell if Palin misbuttoned her blouse…..

    It's not fawning as much as it is slavering.  I bet they all had tingles in their pants at the sight of PeBO and Big Bird.

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