A gathering storm?

Recent events suggest that things may (and I stress may) be looking up.

Despite the endorsement of the Democratic candidate by Scozzafava in NY 23, Conservative candidate Hoffman currently leads in Sienna College polling by 5 percentage points, with undecideds doubling from 9% to 18%.

In Virginia, the Republican candidate Bob McDonnell holds a commanding lead of 12% on his Democratic rival in a poll by the Richmond Times-Dispatch poll, with suggestions that his candidacy has coat-tails.

Even the liberal bastion of New Jersey is in play, with Republican Christie leading Corzine by two points, with independent Daggett holding 12% of the vote, with another 6% undecided.  While Corzine could still pull this one out, the fact that this race is even in question suggests something is going on.

Things could still go south — nothing is certain… well, maybe the race in Virginia, but polling has been wrong before.  Nothing in this world is guaranteed, except death and taxes — perhaps now more than ever.  Hopefully, this, if not the beginning of the end, it may be the end of the beginning.

Interesting times, my friends, interesting times.

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