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Medicare, the reason for Obamacare

Jim has been talking for months about the tie between Medicare and Obamacare.  Medicare is broke, and to keep it running, the government needs an enormous infusion of cash.  Finally, someone has admitted that Jim is correct. Alan Greenspan has now spoken about the connection. httpv:// And, let me explain why. When Medicare came into being under President […]


More of your tax dollars at work

Remember those heartwarming commercials before last year’s election where Andy Griffith tried to assure seniors that Obamacare was really a great program? Just in case you’ve forgotten, you can view one of them here. As we pointed out then, Sheriff Andy didn’t exactly tell the truth about Obamacare.  He tried to assure seniors that their Medicare benefits […]


AARP’s payback for supporting Obamacare

It was more than a bit curious when AARP supported Obamacare. After all, AARP purports to represent seniors, and Obamacare claims that it will cut $500 billion from senior’s Medicare.  Well, now we know why. As pointed out an earlier post, the administration has granted 222 “waivers” from the provisions of Obamacare. One of the largest […]


Is the AMA trying to gag docs?

This is more than a bit curious.  Last month, the AMA issued a statement that at least one doctor, Hal Scherz, believes is intended to “suggest” to doctors that perhaps they either shouldn’t speak with their patients about Obamacare, or, shouldn’t tell them the truth.  Here is what the AMA had to say, [P]hysicians might reflect […]