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Battleground poll – majority consider themselves conservative

Conservatives are the majority. Some may consider us the silent majority since we tend to keep our mouths shut, but again, the most recent Battleground Poll shows our numbers near 60 percent. Liberals and socialists frequently call us racist bigots, warmongers, capitalist pigs and downright mean but maybe it’s time politicians start standing up for […]


I’ve been polled: Connecticut governor’s race

If you’re one of those people who wonders who those pollsters are calling, look no further. Somehow, I got on a list and just got off the phone with a nice woman from Issues & Answers Network, Inc. (I think), a marketing research company out of Virginia Beach. The poll was quite specific to Connecticut […]


Reminder: Most people are conservatives

The current AP/Roper poll indicates most of us are “moderates”, but that’s not true. The sample – and how you ask the question – is very important. AP/Roper consistently shows one-third of the population describes themselves as moderate, while the George Washington University Battleground Poll consistently shows almost two-thirds of registered likely voters are somewhat […]


Katie Couric wrong – 59% conservative, not 42% independent

I’m bored with polling and disappointed on how twisted the analysis can be. It all depends on how the question is asked and the context. CBS News anchor Katie Couric suggests Republicans avoid those representing extreme views – like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin – especially since 42 percent of Americans call themselves independents.