2nd Amendment Rally at Connecticut Capital – Saturday at noon

At noon on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 there will be a 2nd Amendment Rally at the Connecticut State Capital. Please read and share this post.

Those of us at RVO are not involved with the organization of this rally, but we figured we needed to let everyone know about it. If you have good information to add, please add it into the comments section.

Update: This seems to be the best source for information on the rally.

This is what we have heard. Don’t take any of this as gospel or legal advice. This information is specific to the rally in Hartford, Connecticut … no other state.

  • Events are being held at just about every state capital here in the States.
  • If you’re going to carry – you can in Connecticut if you have a permit – you may carry openly or concealed. In this case, I’d suggest concealed. But please be smart about what you do.
  • There are laws you must follow if you are carrying within the State of Connecticut. You should know them.
  • As I understand it, you are not allowed to carry in Bushnell Park (city ordinance).
  • You can carry on State Capital grounds where the rally will be held.
  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring a rifle to the capital. You’ll make it on the news and the message will be lost. (If you feel you need a rifle to protect yourself in an area you are traveling to, you shouldn’t be traveling to that area.)
  • There is no need to handle or manipulate firearms in public, even if they are unloaded … and remember, a firearm should always be treated as loaded.
  • If you intend to stand out in a crowd, do so with a good sign instead of doing something that will ensure the media will make a big deal out of that something instead of the overall goal.

Be prepared to answer questions.

Yes, the 2nd Amendment was written to ensure a free state and protect us from government tyranny. That said, most people forget history has and will again repeat itself so when you mention that fact, they roll their eyes. Ask them if you can borrow their crystal ball to see what happens 50 to 100 years from now.

Don’t even bother answering the people who ask if you think you should be able to own a rocket launcher or tank. It’s a red herring.

Law enforcement has access to personal defense weapons or patrol rifles with 30-round magazines. Law enforcement usually responds after an event or tragedy carrying patrol rifles. If they need them, why would it be unreasonable for us to need them for self-defense?

Firearm owners and LEOs carry high-capacity magazines not so they can shoot more bullets, but so they can manipulate their weapon less.

Remember, there are two main issues here. Rifles and magazine capacity. Most people say they don’t understand the need for 30-round magazines, but remember they want to ban either 8 rounds and up or 10 rounds and up.

Your Homework for the Rally

Read the following posts before you go on Saturday. Print them out. I honestly believe you will find these posts very valuable during a reasoned discussion.

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  1. kvwilliams
    kvwilliams says:

    For anyone interested in fact based information the Harvard Journal of ?Law and Public Policy Vol 30 entitled “Would banning firearms reduce murder and suicide” shows some interesting facts on countries where firearms are banned and where they are not.

  2. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    Yeah !?? A chance to win the hearts of those who think they have an enemy in the NRA.? Signs saying: “My life. My rights.? My choice.”? should make folks stop and think.? Or ” Keep your laws off of my body.”? And then Alinsky’s rules for radicals may work in our favor.? http://townhall.com/columnists/johnhawkins/2012/04/13/12_ways_to_use_saul_alinskys_rules_for_radicals_against_liberals/page/full/
    Be aware that there is a rally on Feb 14th where there is another opportunity to peacefully win over folks.? http://www.marchforchange.org/downloads/files/Misson%20Statement.pdf? is a newer group.
    Here is one of the?tougher groups to win over, but, at least they speak in?facts. http://www.cagv.org/gunfacts.html? And I understand that these folks are very active?at legislative hearings.

  3. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    I don’t understand all of this revisionist brainwashing about “original intent” because there’s nothing to document a long history of the founders of the nation?trying?to disarm the public. I blame our foibled,?follied, and weak leaders that they can’t even stand beside an?old Sears catalog filled with guns and defend a long-standing tradition of gun ownership in America.? I hang up the phone when any right-wing organization calls asking for money, but if they grow some cajones and defend the right of women to self defense- then maybe they galvanize their base!

    • JBS
      JBS says:

      I think that it is code from pundits, liberals , “Constitutional scholars” (the Democrat machine keeps telling us that Obama was one) for their fervent desire to rewrite the Constitution the way they want. That and the old liberal line that somehow the language of the time doesn’t mean the same thing today. !?!
      Define the language, win the argument. Liberals desperately want to control everything.

  4. PaulBartomioli
    PaulBartomioli says:

    Dress neatly. ?Be polite. Leave the firearms at home.

  5. Fish
    Fish says:

    I believe you have a typo on the date, Saturday is the 19th not 17th. I think most would figure it out but just to be clear.

  6. Steven
    Steven says:

    Attending the rally – Some of us Ham Radio operators will be on 146.520 mhz simplex in case you want to say hi or stay in touch.
    Be very careful on the interviews – they don’t take present whole stories, ?just sound bites and you may have an over bite……

  7. wildcat
    wildcat says:

    May go to the rally. If I go I will not be carrying, although permitted to do so.
    Just a thought:? I’ve not heard anyone speak of the point of view of firearms being a force equalizer for most women.?? If faced with physical force by an average size man, an average size woman is at a physical disadvantage.? Having a firearm affords a woman a better chance of not becoming a victim of violence.? One might argue….a War on 2nd amendment = a true War on Women (wink).

    • wildcat
      wildcat says:

      Lynn, your hopes answered….I attended the rally.? Very large crowd (some reports up to 1000 people).? All very respectful and well behaved.? No “yahoos” if you know what I mean.? Lots of flags and cool signs…some reminiscent of Tea Party rallies I’ve attended.? People were friendly toward one another, respectful of the grounds, and well mannered.? Some folks open carried sidearms, a few had AR-15s (magazines absent).? The few police on-hand were pretty laid back and welcoming. Speakers were all thoughtful and appropriately measured in their comments. The CT Citizens Defense League (I think they organized the rally)? advised on legislative efforts to “expedite” new gun laws under something called an Emergency-Bill Certification which would push through gun control laws without public hearings (Cuomo style). I’ve written? Sen. Cafero and Rep. McKinney on this today and advise others do the same. (BTW ? CT Citizens Defense League — http://WWW.CCDL.US ) Check them out. Just learned of them but they seem like a good bunch and a true grassroots group defending 2nd Amend. in CT.?? Well, will leave it at that.? Good day for Constitution-minded citizens of CT.

      • Lynn
        Lynn says:

        Thanks. i have seen pictures of it on Facebook, that shows a huge crowd, equal to the Tea Parties I’ve attended. But, the coverage on Cannel 3 shows a much smaller crowd. Wouldn’t you know.

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