1000 Tibetans Jailed … Olympic Boycott? Not US

Update: 1000 Tibetans have been rounded up

The paramilitary officers then fired three rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd that had swollen rapidly during the operation, witnesses said. Murmurs of anger had begun to reverberate among the passersby as police beat the older man, believed to be an ethnic Tibetan Government cadre, as they dragged him from the building and into a waiting security vehicle. 
Who will stop this? Meanwhile Drudge has this at the top of his page … a boycott of the opening ceremonies at the Olympics in China. The world is quickly jumping on board. The idea is to put pressure on China to back off Tibet. You would think the United States would first to join. Think again.

“We strongly encourage our athletes to participate in opening ceremonies,” said U.S. Olympic Committee spokesman Darryl Seibel. “It is a tremendous honor to walk into the Olympic Stadium behind the flag of your nation, and to do so in a ceremony honoring and celebrating athletes from around the world.”
While athletes soak up the honor … Tibetans just soak up bullets and jail time. Nice.