1,000 medical-marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is having a slight issue with the number and location of medical-marijuana joints in the city. There are an estimated 1,000 dispensaries in the city – as compared to 26 CVS pharmacies – and the city is looking to close the facilities near homes, schools and public gathering places.

Here’s a couple of excertps from the Wall Street Journal.

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday delayed a vote on a much-anticipated medical marijuana ordinance, asking planning officials to return next week with information on how many dispensaries could be closed because they are near homes, schools and public gathering sites.

Council members indicated a vote could come in January on the draft ordinance, which would provide guidelines to greatly reduce the number of marijuana storefronts and push them out of neighborhoods and into industrial areas. The City Council agreed Tuesday to limit the number of dispensaries to 70.

They think they only need 70?

The number in the city is estimated at 1,000, making medical marijuana one of the city’s fastest-growing industries.

Number of McDonald’s in the city – 25, number of Starbucks – 410, and the number of CVS pharmacies? 26

With an estimated 1,000 dispensaries in Los Angeles, what’s the culture like in LA?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    So the chances are good that while sipping my vente latte double half caf at Starbucks, I will be downwind of one of these head shops?


    What about the second hand smoke?

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