The “sequester” hits JFK Airport Update

Yesterday, the federal government began cutting the work hours of Air Traffic Controllers allegedly because of the sequester.  The controllers will now be required to take one unpaid day off every 15 days.  Today we learned of up to two hour delays at JFK due to the sequester.  Forgetting for the moment that the sequester was the President’s idea, I’d like you to think about a few things.

As best I can tell, Senator Harry Reid’s beloved Cowboy Poetry Festival is still slated as scheduled.  Yes, it “only” costs taxpayers $50,000 a year, but, why are we spending your money on this event in the first place?

The President has argued repeatedly that he can do nothing to alter how the sequestration is implemented, because, you see, the sequester is an act of Congress, and thus he is powerless to intervene.

To that extent it is refreshing to learn that the President believes he cannot unilaterally overturn an act of Congress with which he does not agree.

And yet, in recent months, the President, by Executive Order, has decided to allow children of illegal immigrants to obtain work permits in this country.  This order violates federal laws duly passed by Congress.

The President also, by Executive Order, has altered the work requirements contained in our welfare laws.  Those laws, too, were duly passed by Congress.

If the President does not like the effects of the sequester, is there some reason why he can’t use an Executive Order to make it less painful to the American public by, let’s say cancelling funding for the Cowboy Poetry Festival, or the thousands of other programs that should not be funded with your dollars?

Am I missing something, or is it the President’s design to make life as difficult as possible for the American public?


Should you need anymore proof,

On Monday, as flight delays were hitting travelers at airports around the country due to these allegedly unavoidable cuts, the top story on the Department of Transportation’s website announced a $474 million grant program that promises to “make communities more livable and sustainable.”



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28 Responses to "The “sequester” hits JFK Airport Update"

  1. just sayin says:


  2. ricbee says:

    Don’t give baby Obama all he wants & he spits up all over you.

  3. sammy22 says:

    Gee, no sympathy for non-US air travelers going through JFK airport?

    • Dimsdale says:

      I am curious: why are non US travelers any different, or why should they be somehow exempt? 
      Or more succinctly, what is the point of your post?

      • Lynn says:

        Ha, Dims I was ignoring the post above, but I do want to “understand and feel good” says I sarcastically. Frankly right now I sympathize with true blue Americans and no other.

    • kateinmaine says:

      i feel sorry for anyone that has to go through jfk–sequester or no.  on the plus side, they do provide prayer rugs and cordoned areas in the international terminal.  i don’t think the cuts will impact that.

  4. Lynn says:

    Pretty soon, the world-wide travelers here who revel in going to 3rd world nations, can save themselves the travel. 

  5. Murphy says:

    We all know Hopey loves pain as long as it doesn’t affect him. And it sure won’t delay AirForce One a tiny bit.

    • Dimsdale says:

      But AF1’s landing will screw up the airports even more, not to mention local traffic conditions!

      • kateinmaine says:

        who’s to say that whatever problems are presently being experienced aren’t residual from af1’s busy schedule.  doesn’t it take 3 days to get back to normal air routines after storms?  perhaps these are just pent-up delays from frequent o’hops.

  6. Dimsdale says:

    It would make more sense to give furloughs to EPA officials, middle level sub deputy assistants, social workers, and other nonessential workers.  What ever happened to the non essential worker anyway, or is it the contention of Øbama that the aforementioned are more important than Air Traffic controllers?  Surely, the people I listed far outnumber the ATCs, and would save far more money, and keep them out of mischief…

    • sammy22 says:

      Good idea, keep shifting the “pain” so nobody can have it.

      • Dimsdale says:

        Cutting the REAL fat is not pain, except for hangers-on parasites.  Would you rather furlough someone in a non critical job that will only take a temporary pay cut as I recommend, or furlough someone whose absence will negatively affect thousands of others for other gain than that, and screw the economy to boot, as Øbama supports?
        If you can’t see that Øbama is making (or letting) this happen to screw the Republicans that didn’t cave to his threats, then you need to reexamine the history of this issue.

      • kateinmaine says:

        near as i can tell, the federal gov’t was not formed to mete out pain.  if that is now it’s main function, the time has come to heed the instruction to dissolve and start over.

  7. Dimsdale says:

    I hope that Cruz or someone guts Harry Reid’s Brokeback Poetry festival too!

  8. stinkfoot says:

    The purpose of the “sequester” cuts is to create pain for the American citizen as punishment for not demanding that their congress-thug support spending the country into bankruptcy.

  9. Murphy says:

    Blumie  staff members salary totals for Fiscal Year: 2012 $2,471,447.  Let’s start cutting there…. not sure how many are in charge of television makeup. 

    • Dimsdale says:

      Are you seriously expecting Blumie to actually read the bills by himself before he votes on them?  Are you mad?????   /sarcasm

  10. Tim-in-Alabama says:

    Obama hopes for a crash so he can give a shout out at the funerals and call for more money.

  11. JollyRoger says:

    During the Bush era, they used to complain that the president was supposed to be a uniter- not a divider!   Why is the media not making hay out of his campaign promises to “go thru the budget line by line, number by number” eliminate earmarks???  Oblahblah is playing a dangerous game and I’ll bet he’d love to blame the opposition for any tragedies that might result from this.

    • kateinmaine says:

      don’t ‘earmarks’ fall under prohibited speech and criticism of o?  may also be racist, too–these things change so quickly. . .

  12. yeah says:

    Isnt it lovely how a baseline cut to future spending all of a sudden manifested right here in the present?
    Congress drags its feet on everything, until they up and decide to make something happen right away.
    Our government is a complete joke.

    • stinkfoot says:

      Yep- I’m sure if I were carrying $100,000.00 in unserviceable personal debt and was planning on borrowing more to purchase a loaded Mercedes but decided to forgo a $600.00 rear spoiler kit in the interest of frugality my creditors would be duly impressed.

  13. sammy22 says:

    Problem solved: Senators and Representatives were inconvenienced.

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