Your contributions help pay for the cost of hosting this website and ensuring it is properly maintained. We do sell T-shirts and hats, and those proceeds do go towards the site’s costs, but some of you prefer to just donate to help us out. You can do that through PayPal – and remember, a PayPal account is not required to donate.

Remember, your contributions are not tax-deductible, and are subject to Connecticut Sales Tax.

Thank you!

Donation Amount (Not Tax Deductible)

Our Costs
Our costs total about $2,300 per year and are broken down below.

Server hosting and support - including best-effort third-party application support - from LiquidWeb/Storm on Demand, daily and weekly backups on server and off-site, WordPress security patches/upgrade testing and implementation, WordPress plug-in security patches/upgrade testing and implementation, email hosting and backups, occasional page and sidebar template updates, manage administration of email application tool.$125 per month
Email address and management services. (MailChimp)$30 per month
Accountant fees.$100 per year
Premium WordPress plugins and occasional WordPress consultant fees.$300 per year
Office Expenses$5 per month


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