Blanket amnesty, rubber stamp background checks and NO additional border enforcement

Trust me on this. Even if the legislation demands additional border enforcement, you won’t see it. They will just ignore that part of the legislation since they know nobody will do a damn thing about it. The flood of amnesty requests that will “require” a background check will be run through a “rubber stamp approval” factory as only a few applicants will go through proper checks.

From Heritage.org.

Last week, government watchdog Judicial Watch issued a report that showed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) abandoning ordinary background checks due to a surge in amnesty applications as a result of President Obama’s executive action last year. …

Based on e-mails and documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Judicial Watch’s report revealed that DHS agents were operating under irregular and inconsistent orders on how to manage Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applications. This resulted in DHS moving in September 2012 to a “lean and light” system of background checks, with only a few randomly selected applications being processed.

Then on November 9, 2012—three days after the re-election of President Obama—the entire agency was told to “put all DACA work on hold until further notice.” Judicial Watch received no other documents indicating how or when DHS resumed background checks—if they have even resumed at all.

You read that correctly. More at Judicial Watch and you need to read this post too. Judicial Watch is doing the work the main stream media refuses to do. They are filing FOI requests all the time, digging up clear evidence the Obama administration has little interest in completing background checks or enforcing current law when it comes to illegal aliens within the United States.

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16 Responses to "Blanket amnesty, rubber stamp background checks and NO additional border enforcement"

  1. Dimsdale says:

    Bottom line: if they won’t enforce the laws now, what stretch of the imagination would make anyone think that they would obey these new ones.  And the democrat wannabees in the Republican party think, once again, that they will be “loved” by the media and the Hispanics (whatever that is) if they do this.   Can you say “stupid”??
    It is amnesty, pure and simple.  Just say no to an illegal immigrant invasion.

    • stinkfoot says:

      Exactly… all the border security rhetoric is just window dressing.  The fact that it’s as big a problem as it is now is evidence that the current laws are not being enforced.

  2. Lynn says:

    There is proof that building walls or fences will help keep out illegals, they will take the path of least resistance. I know it is expensive, but hey with unemployment so high, maybe we can make those on welfare work for there keep.

  3. ricbee says:

    Rubio the foolio was on this morning-the man has just destroyed a promising political career.

  4. Vizionmusic says:

    Hell…. It ( our once great country ) has had it… In my opinion, everything is downhill from here. It’s damned diabolical.

  5. JollyRoger says:

    The R’s can’t win against the liberal media and the give-away-the-store Dems.  Once the undocumented democrats are legal, only God knows what mischief our divider in chief might deliver while surrounding himself with angry mobs that believe they’re owed something for nothing.  Even Hitler was democratically elected- probably on a platform of hopeful rhetoric and change.

    • Dimsdale says:

      “Arbeit macht frei” (work makes you free) has changed to “welfare gives you free phones?”  😉

  6. lizzieswish says:

    Why am I not surprised by anything this government does to get more votes and destroy our America?  Why do my kids get angry when my husband and I try to talk to them about this  “administration” that is more interested in having a good time and embarrassing the US than maintaining our former status as a world leader and working to improve our economy for us legal citizens?  Our kids claim we are too negative and prejudiced :(!!!!

  7. sammy22 says:

    Neglect in dealing with the immigration issue has resulted in a situation that is almost not manageable. Neither Republicans nor Democrats nor the private sector are willing to endure the pain it would take to fix it (and ask the American people to shoulder the cost).

    • Dimsdale says:

      What pain?  Fine the dickens out of anyone that knowingly hires illegals, give them one month to leave or all of their assets will be seized and they will be deported anyway.  Put all army bases on the borders (we seem to be fighting wars in arid environments anyway).  Catch up to the rest of the world, and change the citizenship clause of the 14th amendment to require that at least one parent must be a citizen before citizenship can be automatically conferred onto a child.  Do not allow women more than 6 months pregnant into the country.  Adopt *all* of Mexico’s immigrant laws, since the bulk of illegals are from Mexico due to the ease of entry into the USA.  Put the NSA’s newly revealed spying capabilities and the FBI drones to the task of finding these “invisible” illegal aliens.  Finally, build the crap out of the border fences (defense of the borders and our sovreignty is on of the pols first duties, is it not?).  Put people to work that are otherwise languishing on welfare or unemployment.
      Not too expensive, relying on currently available resources or repositioning them.  If the pain is more expensive cantaloupes, we can live with it.   Stop giving amnesty to illegals and make the path to legal…

      • Dimsdale says:

        … immigration smoother and selective.   Revive the requirement to require sponsors for new immigrants, who will assume responsibility for them if they can’t work etc.

      • sammy22 says:

        Your prescription is all pain for somebody, particularly the people in the first sentence. And it will be more than cantaloupes which will be expensive.

    • We are ignoring the current law, which has brought about the “pain.” Stupid cycle can stop if we just implemented and followed the law everyone agreed upon. There is no indication at all they can fix anything and follow the law in the future. None.

  8. TheHole says:

    The problem is politicians(both sides, but mostly democrats) can’t stand to see prospective votes got to waste by being deported or jailed.   Illegal IS illegal.  Changing the word to undocumented does not make them legal.  At least with more expensive cantalopes you can decide not to purchase them.  When the money is taken from you with higher or new taxes you have no choice.  You have to pay or you become the criminal.

  9. Don Lombardo says:

    What’s wrong with this picture? Arizona gets sued for enforcing  federal immigration laws and Connecticut decides to enforce no immigration laws and – crickets.

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